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Welcome to Connection Games

This is a  safe space for authenticity and deep human connection. We do games and exercises that help to melt the walls that all of us carry, so that we can truly see each other, feel seen and experience genuine connection.

Most of us live our lives in a state of isolation.  We might have other people around us, but if we only show the part of us that we perceive to be acceptable, there can be no real connection, no true relationship and everyone ends up feeling alone.

This is why authenticity is the most important thing if we desire to experience a deep connection with others.

What is authenticity?

To pay attention to exactly how you feel, what you want or don’t want, what are your needs and boundaries in any given moment, and to stay true to all of that. This means acting in alignment with your truth or expressing it to others.

What is the Difference to other authentic movements? 

You might be familiar with the movement of authentic relating. However, there is another component that is necessary for having safety in relationships, and that is emotional attunement. This means to feel into others and to consider their best interests. This way we can feel safe to express our vulnerable truth when we know that we are being considered. We not only take care of our own truth but we make sure to accommodate and receive the truth of others as well.

“People do not feel the pain of their disconnection because they perceive themselves to be connected when they are not. It is a form of denial much like a child who is so lonely that they treat their toy as if it is alive.”

Teal Swan

Connection Games is a monthly meeting organized by Ram Alsaman and friends in Berlin and sometimes in different places. Each workshop we explore new games and new methods of connection.
“Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.”

This workshop is for you, If you like to

  • Make new friends.
  • Discover a new way of connection.
  • Like to learn how to be present with your emotions.
  • Practice Shadow Work with a facilitator.
  • Be more Authentic.
  • Experience group support.
  • Getting to know your self better on a deeper level
  • Bring your healing journey to a new level.
  • Open the door for a deep change in your life from inside out.
  • Experience safety in the relationships.

The Workshop Includes

This is a 4-hour workshop with a small group (max 17 people)
The Workshop take a gathering style and includes the following:
Guided meditation by Ram to help you connect to your heart and your emotions
Sharing Circle where you have a chance to be seen and receive unconditional presence
One or two group exercise or game where you can experience deeper connection
Delicious vegan snacks, and Drinks 🙂

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Healing yourself takes more courage than trying to fix the world ever did.
Teal Swan

Ticket Cost 20 € (Or 15 Bring a friends discount ) 

Available dates:

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About Your Host

Ram Alsaman
Ram is an intuitive coach. Since 2016 he has been holding space for workshops, spiritual events, and retreats that have changed the lives of many people. After studying Business Information Technology and working for the United Nations in Switzerland, he decided to follow the path of the heart and share what he learned in the past 10 years in Ananda Marga as a yoga and meditation instructor, as well as the teachings of Teal Swan on emotional healing and shadow work.
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About My Work

Here are some feedbacks I received about my events:
Vilde Johannessen and Ram Alsaman
Vilde Johannessen

This connection games brought me deep connections with beautiful people as well as completely new understandings of myself. Which ram guided in a very supportive and intuitive way, the entire day felt like a few hours yet also days with how much had happened.
This level of connection and authenticity is something so magical and transformative which I hope for everyone to experience.
Thank you to Ram for creating this wonderful day  

Nana Charlene Topas (Nana Charlene) and Ram alsaman
Nana Charlene Topas
environmentalist & Animal rights activist

I am very happy that I met Ram and became a party of the Connection Games-family The first time was just amazing for me. Never experienced such a deep connection with so many strangers before. And every time after that I had just unique and amazing experiences, too.
Ram is such a lovely and positive person. If you want to feel deeply connected to yourself and other humans, you should give it a try and join Connection Games, too. ?

Luise Anahata and Ram Alsaman
Luise Anahata
To me day of Connection Games is the perfect combination of diving deep into myself and enjoying the nourishing company of like-minded people.
Ram is able to create a safe space in which every emotion or need of the participants is welcome. The program is creative and well-balanced. It includes the opportunity to get really authentic and vulnerable (if you wish) as well as fun activities and relaxation. During the sharing circles there’s a vibe of appreciation and unconditional presence for the person who’s talking.
If you never experienced this kind of attention before, it could be scary at first. But trust me, it will be a huge step towards healing and genuine connection. Due to the group exercises you’ll become more aware of yourself. Depending on the kind of exercise you’ll discover your true wants, needs and emotions, your shadows and subconscious patterns or your personal gifts.
To witness the process of other participants can also be a precious and insightful experience. We’re all mirrors of each other. You can expect to feel amazingly close to people who have been strangers before after spending only a few hours together. Fortunately there’s always time for chilling out after the regular program so that you can fill yourself up with love and cuddles. Another bonus: The food is always delicious.
If you wish to enrich your life with (even more) conscious and warm-hearted people, there’s no way you could not enjoy the Connection Games. Thank you, Ram, for your strong commitment to bringing people together. Your effort and the warmth of your heart really makes a difference in the world. 
Karu Löwenkamp and Ram Alsaman
Karu Löwenkamp
Karu - Love

I had a beautiful experience at the last connection games!
Ram did a wonderful job in creating a safe space where it was allowed and encouraged to really dive deep into my feelings and my hidden parts..I met amazing people and experienced deep connections!
I am looking forward to the next time!

Valter Liblik and Ram Alsaman
Valter Liblik
Animal right activist

Loved the atmosphere. Loved the people. Loved the honesty.

Tom Osher
Tom Osher
Founder of Chambalabamba community Ecuador

I took Ram’s workshop this week. I have been studying how to resolve trauma from childhood for 6 months. He and Miia, his partner have nailed it in one session. super impressive. And they said we have barely scratched the surface. So I want to do more, more, more!!!

Teresa Ragg testimonial for Ram Alsamman New Earth Integration
Teresa Ragg
intuitive couch

I really loved Rams and Mias Soulmate Edition Workshop! They are super kind and warm people with a lot of knowledge regarding conscious manifestation – the workshop really helped me 

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Carl Jung

There are no upcoming events

Frequently asked questions?

Do I need previous experience to join this workshop?

It would be helpful but not necessary, we have new people to this topic often in my workshops

How long the workshop takes?

From 2 hours till 3 hours

Is there a discount?

You are welcome to bring your friends, also you can share the offer and each of can get a 5 euro discount.
Also, my clients who booked 6 sessions bundles can join for free <3

Will be there new workshops about similar or different topics?

Yes, I’m very excited about this project and more workshops will be announced soon 🙂

Do you still have any question?

I’m more than happy to answer any questions you have
Feel free to contact me 🙂

Stay tuned 🙂