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Ram is a Shadow work and emotional healing facilitator, since 2016 he been holding space for workshops, spiritual events, and retreats that changed the lives of many people.


Ram grew up in a spiritual minority group in a small village in Syria. Throughout his life, he witnessed disconnection and lack of understanding, both in the larger society and in his own family. He saw how this separation was the source of war, persecution and even the lack of empathy for animals.

The Spiritual Journey Begins

At the age of 17, Ram had a sudden near-death experience, which gave him a glimpse of something more beyond the physical world. This catapulted him to a journey of spiritual growth and search for a deeper meaning. Soon after he found Ananda Marga, a yoga school where he found a spiritual community, and which would absorb him for the next 7 years. He involved himself intensively with his new community, becoming their official translator and teaching meditation.

Meanwhile, the world around him kept growing more disconnected, so Ram started to direct his efforts to human and animal rights activism to help bring about peace and understanding, but his activism got him into trouble with the regime and he decided to take a job opportunity with the United Nations in Switzerland. However, the money and the status he got working in a well paid IT job did not satisfy his soul’s craving for spiritual growth and expansion, and soon he decided to seek political asylum in Germany, which allowed him to move to Berlin, the vegan capital of Europe.

The dark night of the soul

There he immersed himself in animal rights activism and the ever-growing vegan movement, but soon the haunting memories of the war and his feelings of isolation drove him into a deep depression. For days on end he would not leave his room, barely getting out of the bed. On the one hand, he was surrounded by people, yet at the same time, he was feeling the emotional disconnection that permeated every interaction and the fact that ultimately, everybody was alone.

All the spiritual teachings and practices he had learned over the years seemed to do nothing to improve his mental and emotional state. All the meditation, yoga, affirmations and chanting seemed useless. Then, in the midst of the gloomy German winter, he somehow got his hands on a book by Teal Swan, called Shadows before Dawn. This book showed him that there is a deeper path in Spirituality, which is that of radical self-awareness and self-love, which involves becoming aware of and integrating not only our light but our darkness too. Following the practical steps offered in this book, he started coming out of the depression.

Giving back

Feeling empowered, Ram kept diving deeper and deeper in his new spiritual practice of self-awareness and self-love, and he decided to start offering free workshops in order to help others. Despite the challenges with the foreign language, he started attracting more and more people, and soon he was able to start earning money to support himself. This newly gained freedom allowed him to expand his activities to offering private sessions and retreats with the aim to reach more people.

This path of healing has become his passion and his joy, and it’s all about helping people to become more self-aware, to integrate their shadows, and to heal their emotional wounds so that they too can live an authentic and fulfilling life they were meant to live.


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– Achievements and projects –

Teal Tribe Completion Process Gatherings
I facilitated 5 days retreats that focused on the CP one of the most effective methods of healing trauma, for Teal Tribe community
Organized 6 Life-changing Retreats/ Spiritual Gatherings
Organizing healing events is my passion, I love holding space for connection and group healing
Completion Process Facilitator
This method of trauma healing changed my life and since 2018 I'm helping people with it.
Yoga and meditation Teacher
One of my old passion is teaching yoga, I did my training in 2016 in at Ananda Marga ashram in Denmark
Reiki Certification Level I, II
I practiced for about 2 years.
now I'm not doing it intentionally but it flow throw me especially at my sessions and guided meditation
Found “Vegan Life” the first Vegan community in Arabic language
Started in 2012 Vegan Life helped thousands of people to make a life change and saved millions of lives
Yoga teacher for children
I did this short education at Ananda Marga new Humanism to teach children at the orphan house.
3 years of human right activism in Syria
During the humanitarian crisis in Syria, I spend big time helping people in need and teach about human rights
Bachelor in Business Information Technology
I started this study when I was passionate about informatics, computer science, and statistics.
Diploma in Computing
although it's not related to spirituality, this study helped me to be creative and find solutions for each problem I face in life
Take your healing in your hand. 

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Bergstr 91, 12169 / Berlin, Germany

+49 1575-177-3525