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Welcome to Connection Games

Connection Games is an authentic safe and sacred space where we can express ourselves authentically and make a deep connection into our inner selves and each other. ❤
  • Sharing Circle
  • Guided Meditation By Ram
  • Games
  • Vegan Food
  • and more
Connection Games was the first event that I start organizing in Germany, my intention was to create a deep connection between people and make new friends!. ❤
later I realized how much this kind of event is needed so I start to offer it in new cities that i visited.

Is connection games for you?
*) Do you seek deep connection to yourself and people around you?
*) Are you tired from the superficial connection that we have in society?
*) Do you feel lonely even when people around you and need to be seen and understood?
*) Do you enjoy coziness and being around people who really care and respect your boundaries?
*) Are you brave enough to be authentic?
*) Did you ever felt everything is connected and things show in your life to teach you something?
*) Have you experience the magic of synchronicity?

If you answered yes for 2 or more of the question about, then you you should give your spirit this experience!

What you will get out of connection games?
*) Opportunity to make deep connections and new friends.
*) Feeling seen and understood.
*) Experience that you are not alone in your pain.
*) Feeling of belonging.
*) Approval for your shadow aspects and being accepted for the person you are.
*) Amazing Vegan food
*) And much more.

Coming events

Next connection games will take place in Berlin on 5th May 2019

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