Testimonial Ram Alsaman
The most amazing think in my life is that i can make Life change in the people around me.

I'm grateful for your trust in me, and here i shear with all my new visitor some previous Testimonials

Private sessions and CP

Christine Bein(Carrie) and Ram Alsaman
Christine Bein(Carrie)
fashion design

Ram is an angel in doing his work on trauma and integration. I had with him one of the most effective CP Sessions and it was just so healing.
Thank you so much!

Melissa Crawford and Ram Alsaman
Melissa Crawford
Nuclear Engineer

Ram brought me deeper and through barriers, I have been observing and trying to cross for most of my life. The intuition and tools Ram followed to navigate the obstacles coming up were invaluable to my healing.
I have been wanting to feel/be my inner children again, and after the sessions, the path to this wish is presenting itself, and it also looks to be a big blessing to my physical health long term.

bianca gieber (1)
Bianca Gieber
Animal Right Activist

Dear Ram, you & the Completion process have changed my life!
for the first time in forever. my entire being is different. Every belief I ever held that was damaging and kept me from living a full life, now I can feel that is vanishing or entirely gone.

I feel like anything is possible now and that I’m free to choose what I want to do and how to create my life.
I don’t even feel the need to go to Bali anymore, now I feel like I can be happy anywhere…
I feel so grounded, so clear, so stable, so knowing, so in tune with myself and that I’m free now.

Maarja Lall photo writing testimonial for Miia Kuronen
Maarja Lall
Completion Process Practitioner

I had a deeply healing completion process experience with Ram.
We started with parts-work to go into the feeling and I started going into shock.
He was there with full presence and giving loving support and guidance to help me release what was coming up. I know I could not have gone that deep if my Being didn’t fully trust that the support was there. I could safely go back into the darkness of my painful experience and bring back the fractured aspects that were ready to merge. When I was confused and frozen in the memory, I felt understood and validated for the experience I was having. Ram’s approach is very intuitive and soft. You won’t feel like you are alone in your pain, or that he doesn’t get where you are, he is fully attuned to the other person, yet knowing the right next step all along. I also liked that he didn’t rush me at any stage, he allowed me to sink into each experience and feeling that came up and took me on a journey to meet the missing needs for my inner children, where all of them were given attention, care and nurturing that they had always deserved.

If you have a chance, I would highly recommend doing a session with him, you will see that he is meant to give this kind of support to people who are ready to heal their patterns and painful past experiences.

Mia Auset Ausar Horus Gabriela Yahshua
Gabriela Yahshua, Mia Auset Ausar Horus
Traveler / truth seeker

No words to express the appreciation I have for you… just like if I know you since always, the sections had an amazing release and I already feel a New person.
Totally recommend it 

Gina Shugarhands
Gina Shugarhands
Actor and Dancer

The first step is to say I am ready I have no fear to go there…
to that exact moment a long time ago when the fragmentation in my little self happened… it is ripe now and already way too heavy to carry it.
The only think I choose to do is to dive as deep as I can. I know I am safe. I know if I struggle I always can reach the silky string of Ram’s (or Miia’s) voice and find my safe way out. I know if a plenty of nasal mucus go out that there will be always a paper tissue passed discreetly to me.

I go to a journey with all of me. I go there with a trustful helper. I know I am not lost. I know no part of me is lost. I see no part of me deserves rejection. Having all of my fragments in one entire painting is where I go. I do cry and I do laugh. I could scream and I could sing.
I need to touch all the essence over there and bring it back with me over here. I do have Ram on one hand distance sitting on the couch. You can reach him also.

I do recommend a workshop, a private session or a retreat….whatever you feel works for you. I do recommend that to actors, dancers, singers, writers,poets, paintersartists…because (re)connecting to your deep sensations is the key to transmitting the life through your creations. Thank you Ram and Miia and everyone helping to that process.

Tom Osher
Tom Osher
Founder of Chambalabamba community Ecuador

I took Ram’s workshop this week. I have been studying how to resolve trauma from childhood for 6 months. He and Miia, his partner have nailed it in one session. super impressive. And they said we have barely scratched the surface. So I want to do more, more, more!!!

Workshops & retreats

Vilde Johannessen and Ram Alsaman
Vilde Johannessen

This connection games brought me deep connections with beautiful people as well as completely new understandings of myself. Which ram guided in a very supportive and intuitive way, the entire day felt like a few hours yet also days with how much had happened.
This level of connection and authenticity is something so magical and transformative which I hope for everyone to experience.
Thank you to Ram for creating this wonderful day  

Nana Charlene Topas (Nana Charlene) and Ram alsaman
Nana Charlene Topas
environmentalist & Animal rights activist

I am very happy that I met Ram and became a party of the Connection Games-family The first time was just amazing for me. Never experienced such a deep connection with so many strangers before. And every time after that I had just unique and amazing experiences, too.
Ram is such a lovely and positive person. If you want to feel deeply connected to yourself and other humans, you should give it a try and join Connection Games, too. ?

Luise Anahata and Ram Alsaman
Luise Anahata
To me day of Connection Games is the perfect combination of diving deep into myself and enjoying the nourishing company of like-minded people.
Ram is able to create a safe space in which every emotion or need of the participants is welcome. The program is creative and well-balanced. It includes the opportunity to get really authentic and vulnerable (if you wish) as well as fun activities and relaxation. During the sharing circles there’s a vibe of appreciation and unconditional presence for the person who’s talking.
If you never experienced this kind of attention before, it could be scary at first. But trust me, it will be a huge step towards healing and genuine connection. Due to the group exercises you’ll become more aware of yourself. Depending on the kind of exercise you’ll discover your true wants, needs and emotions, your shadows and subconscious patterns or your personal gifts.
To witness the process of other participants can also be a precious and insightful experience. We’re all mirrors of each other. You can expect to feel amazingly close to people who have been strangers before after spending only a few hours together. Fortunately there’s always time for chilling out after the regular program so that you can fill yourself up with love and cuddles. Another bonus: The food is always delicious.
If you wish to enrich your life with (even more) conscious and warm-hearted people, there’s no way you could not enjoy the Connection Games. Thank you, Ram, for your strong commitment to bringing people together. Your effort and the warmth of your heart really makes a difference in the world. 
Karu Löwenkamp and Ram Alsaman
Karu Löwenkamp
Karu - Love

I had a beautiful experience at the last connection games!
Ram did a wonderful job in creating a safe space where it was allowed and encouraged to really dive deep into my feelings and my hidden parts..I met amazing people and experienced deep connections!
I am looking forward to the next time!

Melissa Crawford and Ram Alsaman
Melissa Crawford (Le Annu)
Nuclear Engineer & CPCP

I was able to participate at the 3–day June retreat hosted by Ram and Katherina with the Connection Games Family. It was a deep healing experience bringing lots of community and expanding, catalyzing growth into my life – exactly in perfect timing.
Ram is making great work facilitating community building and CP sessions.

Valter Liblik and Ram Alsaman
Valter Liblik
Animal right activist

Loved the atmosphere. Loved the people. Loved the honesty.

Marie Leben and Ram Alsaman
Marie Leben

I attended the completion process retreat organized by Ram and it was a beautiful, life-changing experience. The group energy that we created was super special, transformative and healing. I talked to many who attended the retreat together with me, and we all felt the same way: we loved it! I felt supported and loved, and held by the group. I experienced such deep connection and healing! The program we had was great, various exercises that helped me become aware of myself, connect deeply and have so much fun. Ram was wonderful at holding space for all of us, and coordinating everything with his warm, confident and easy-going attitude. You could see and feel the care and love he put into organizing every little detail of the event.
I also love connection games, which I have been a part of for several times. Ram creates a beautiful and welcoming atmosphere, where I can be really myself and connect deeply to others. He shares new powerful connection games every time that leave me inspired and more connected to myself and others. I very much value also Ram’s intuitive ability to feel into what the group needs in the moment, and if needed he is letting go of the prepared program, to let something even better happen. It creates unforgettable moments and magic.
Thank you Ram, for bringing nourishment to my soul through your work and through being you 

Moritz Köhler and Ram Alsaman
Moritz Köhler

Before the event I felt so afraid. I was terrified yet I moved forward because I knew I had to do it for my own well being.
And miraceously I wasn’t rejected. I was welcomed. My needs were finally being met. I’ve met amazing people. All on the same path. Away from closeness in the direction of openness. I couldn’t imagine a better place for healing, connecting and simply being. This was just an extraordinary event. Ram led us through it with a very calm, understanding and strong presence. I shifted so much in the direction of what I want. Without struggle and resistance. Just by loving what is. Being present and allowing the flow.
I was brave enough to take a leap of faith and jump. And I believe we’re all capable of doing that. Trust your heart and you’ll see what’s on the other side.

Steph Potter
Psychologist and Completion Process Practitioner

Ram and Miia’s events are a real blessing to be a part of. They hold space in a loving and authentic way, and with joy! If you’re looking for deep exploration, connection and a space where you can be accepted in your full weirdness, then I recommend to you any event created by Ram and Miia!

Iliana Ignatova
Iliana Ignatova

The connection gatherings are great! You leave a different person – lighter, happier, filled with love ❤️
It is amazing how unconditional presence and genuine connection can be so healing. The best therapy ever. If you are considering joining an event, i’d say go for it. It is so worth it. Your life will change forever in the best way.
Among many things at the connection retreat (26-28 Oct 2018), I expressed my issues/thoughts of being a bad mom. After my fears were seen, heard and acknowledged i came home and i could feel something has shifted. My kids are now present and loving in a whole new level. And that’s so amazing to experience. The connection retreats are more powerful than any 1-1 session. Try it and see for yourself ?

Julia Schneider
Julia Schneider

The Raw Connection Retreat with Miia and Ram was a truly unique, unforgettable experience. It was for sure one of the best retreats / seminars I’ve ever been to. The atmosphere was so warm, loving and accepting, it was easy to open up, experience beautiful connections and deep healing. Thank you so much for this beautiful experience!

Tom Osher
Tom Osher
Founder of Chambalabamba community Ecuador

I took Ram’s workshop this week. I have been studying how to resolve trauma from childhood for 6 months. He and Miia, his partner have nailed it in one session. super impressive. And they said we have barely scratched the surface. So I want to do more, more, more!!!

Jessica Hanwalter
Jessica Hanwalter
Animal communicator / truth seeker

The Raw Connection Retreat, was a super beautiful and lighthearted, yet meaningful and transformative experience for me. The way that the two of them managed to use the benefits of a raw vegan diet to assist the group in feeling themselves and others more deeply were wonderful and inspiring for someone who has been vegan for a while, but never felt it in herself to try eating fully raw. I couldn’t have asked for an easier and smoother introduction to raw foods than this. Outstanding to me was that how the way the retreat was set up allowed for deep, soul level connections to happen very organically and right from the beginning. Whether people were familiar with shadow work before or not, the exercises and activities guided us to vulnerable places in a very loving and gentle way and allowed for fundamental changes to take place in the safety of a close-knit group. And as someone who loves Teal Swan’s teachings and has been to some of her events, I feel like saying that I would wish for more people from Teal Tribe to be able to experience such a gentle and nourishing retreat, where the dream of authentic connection and community living becomes reality.

This is a strong recommendation for anyone who would like to dip his or her toes into shadow work, community experiences, authentic relationships, feeling more deeply.. !

Angelina Ballerina

I did the raw connection retreat and can happily say it was a transforming and great experience. Meeting other people who peacefully, honestly and genuinely come together and connect deeply touched my heart. I’m impressed by exercises and techniques I’ve leaned in terms of how to work with myself and how to get helped by others. Ram follows his heart and I could feel this during the whole retreat, it’s very inspiring and motivating.

Teresa Ragg testimonial for Ram Alsamman New Earth Integration
Teresa Ragg
intuitive couch

I really loved Rams and Mias Soulmate Edition Workshop! They are super kind and warm people with a lot of knowledge regarding conscious manifestation – the workshop really helped me