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about me
Ram is an intuitive coach, who since 2016 has been holding space for workshops, spiritual events, and retreats that have changed the lives of many people.

After studying business information technology and working for the United Nations in Switzerland he decided to follow the path of the heart and share his experiences and wisdom with the word. Combining emotional healing and shadow work with his experience as a yoga and meditation instructor in Ananda Marga, he has created a unique and powerful healing modality, which is helping people from all around the world. 

What I Offer:

Shadow Work

Identify and heal your most painful and damaging beliefs and patterns that hold you back from living the life you want.

Completion Process

Change your life pattern and manifest a different reality by remembering and healing your childhood trauma, using this revolutionary tool.

Intuitive Coaching

Do you feel lost or have no passion for life? I can help you to discover your life purpose, connect with your joy and find your mission on this earth.
A vision for a harmonious and authentic world, where we live from the heart, loving and caring for Mother Earth and each other.

New Earth Integration

Workshops, Retreats, and Gatherings 

New Earth Integration is my vision for a new world where we live in a true connection with ourselves and other human and non-human animals. By healing our wounds and trauma, we change our inner worlds and as a result, we manifest a brighter external reality.


As part of my vision, I offer workshops, retreats, and gatherings, sometimes on my own and sometimes with the help and support of other gifted and passionate individuals who share my vision for the New Earth.


Here a list of our past and coming events:

Deep Dive – Reclaim your truth & free will
Deep Dive – Reclaim your truth & free will

One day workshop to dive deep into Shadow Work, and Cacao Ceremony

Online Workshops
Online Workshops

Learn to use Shadow Work to uncover your core needs and core trauma in order to transform your reality. (Online workshop)

The Raw Connection Retreat 2
The Raw Connection Retreat 2

3 days in nature to experience deep connection and healing with a detoxifying raw diet.

Connection Games
Connection Games

A regular gathering where do exercises or games that help us connect in a deep level

Sacred Circle – A Five Day Group Healing Experience
Sacred Circle – A Five Day Group Healing Experience

five day of group healing experience, in nature, experience authentic connection and deep individual and group healing using different modalities (Completion Process, Parts Work, Voice dialog UE, Inner child work, AM yoga, and more)

Testimonials about my work
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Sorina Iliana Iordache
Sorina Iliana Iordache
Simra Healing
Simra Healer

Amazing opportunity to heal, connect, learn new things and feel belonging! Thank you so much Ram for organizing this, the event was absolutely mind-blowing,
I didn’t expect such deep integration, vulnerability, authenticity, and fun! I am so excited I had the opportunity to participate, can’t wait for the next event!
If you are seeking for spiritual evolution, emotional healing and belonging you HAVE TO join!

Christine La Jambe and Ram Alsaman
Christine La Jambe
fashion design

Ram is an angel in doing his work on trauma and integration. I had with him one of the most effective CP Sessions and it was just so healing.
Thank you so much!

bianca gieber (1)
Bianca Gieber
Animal Right Activist

Dear Ram, you & the Completion process have changed my life!
for the first time in forever. my entire being is different. Every belief I ever held that was damaging and kept me from living a full life, now I can feel that is vanishing or entirely gone.

I feel like anything is possible now and that I’m free to choose what I want to do and how to create my life.
I don’t even feel the need to go to Bali anymore, now I feel like I can be happy anywhere…
I feel so grounded, so clear, so stable, so knowing, so in tune with myself and that I’m free now.

Tom Osher
Tom Osher
Founder of Chambalabamba community Ecuador

I took Ram’s workshop this week. I have been studying how to resolve trauma from childhood for 6 months. He and Miia, his partner have nailed it in one session. super impressive. And they said we have barely scratched the surface. So I want to do more, more, more!!!

Steph Potter
Steph Potter
Psychologist and Completion Process Practitioner

Ram’s events are a real blessing to be a part of. They hold space in a loving and authentic way, and with joy! If you’re looking for deep exploration, connection and a space where you can be accepted in your full weirdness, then I recommend to you any event created by Ram!

Do you resonate with me?