Aloha awakening being

welcome back home. 

This is your safe place to intentionally explore your inner world, balance your unique feminine and masculin energy, and be yourself unapologetically!

So you can create a bright reality for you and the collective

Live Online Sessions

I take you on a journey to the deepest parts of yourself, to rediscover the hidden treasures at your core. I help you to powerfully own your truth and to take action in the direction of your life purpose.

How working with me can serve you


Be seen and validated in your personal experience

The first layer of healing is that we get to express our truth and be received with it. This is the opposite of gaslighting, belittling, bypassing or rejecting. This alone can be very healing and bring great relief.


Become aware of unconscious programming

I reflect to you what you cannot see about yourself. This includes dysfunctional relationship patterns, limiting beliefs and programming that dictate what you can or cannot manifest in your reality.


Release trauma and integrate fragmented aspects.

Trauma is the main cause of our suffering and the reason why we feel stuck and unfulfilled. I accompany you to the darkest corners of your being to purge trauma and to integrate all soul fragments back into your being.


Embody your light and gifts and step into your life purpose.

As we move through the layers of programming and trauma, you begin to access the core of your being. You being to experience yourself as the infinite consciousness that you are, beaming love to the world. Your gifts will be your service to the world and you will be driven by joy and purpose.

Integration Session details

session platform

since 2020 most of my sessions are taking place online, that allows more fixability and ease. you can connect with the comfort of your home.
I use encrypted secure video meeting alternative to zoom. 
I also love to do session in person, if it happen that we are in the same town

What's included in the bundle

When you commit to bundle session, you will get  priority support by Email or telegram, and priority in joining retreats & workshops
Session duration 80-90 min

Single Session

€149 per session

3-Session bundle 399€

€133 per session

12-Session Bundle 1499€

€125 per session

commitment and rewards

Doing the inner work is not always easy and the path is not full of lowers and roses. 

It can be difficult challenging and overhwilming, if you chose to work with me, I will be with you, you will not be alone with your shadow, I will be available to give presence and support when you need it.

When you commit to do the inner work and face your fear and trauma, I promise you YOUR LIFE WILL CHANGE!

I have worked with many people and witnessed magical transformation. 

What you put in the journey will come back to you multiplied. 

I prefer to work long term with client, by that we establish more trust so you can go deeper.

and this is why I offer a big discount on long term commitment 

Are you ready for this shift?!