Sacred Circle

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Sacred Circle – A Five Day Group Healing Experience

19 – 23  September 2020

Germany, Berlin

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A 5-day group healing experience, in nature

This is an opportunity for people who are on the awakening path to get together and have a chance to experience authentic connection and deep individual and group healing using different modalities (Completion Process, Parts work (IFS), Inner child work, authentic relating, Ananda Marga yoga, Dynamic Meditation and more).

We invite you to bring your authentic self with all your aspects, emotions and an open heart to connect with like-minded people. Together we create an environment of deep interpersonal connection and vulnerability.

The Activities

Individual healing sessions

Sharing Circles

Workshop & Connection Games

Vegan Food

Cacao Ceremony

Ecstatic dance & Fire Circles

About The Event

Besides shadow work, the program will consist of workshops ranging from tantra to movement meditation, cacao ceremony, fire circle, and ecstatic dance and much more. This is a space for co-creation and therefore we welcome you to offer your knowledge and experience in the form of a workshop*.

We will have a group of Completion Process practitioners (certified by Teal Swan) who will be facilitating individual healing sessions.

The goal of this retreat is to create a healing environment where we all support each other’s processes and ultimately, to form a conscious family that lasts beyond the retreat.

The methods used in this retreat are especially inspired by (but not limited to) Teal Swan, Eckhart Tolle, Osho, Richard Schwartz and others.


During the Retreat we will offer workshops and exercises to help you:
  • Find your core beliefs and your heart desires
  • Connect to your emotions and experience them fully
  • Free yourself from deeply rooted blockages (shame, guilt, anger, fear)
  • Express yourself fully and authentically
  • Deepen your connection with your partner/friends
  • Form deep connections to others from a place of vulnerability

The Workshop Program

During the retreat you have a chance to attend and enjoy:
⭐ Sharing circles
⭐ Circling and Authentic Relating
⭐ Internal family systems / parts work
⭐ Completion process from Teal Swan (with certified practitioners)
⭐ Individual or Group healing sessions (completion process, parts works energy healing, etc)
⭐ Shamanic healing
⭐ Breath work
⭐ Dance, Music, Yoga & movement
⭐ Meditation
⭐ Cacao ceremony
⭐ Fire cermony
⭐ An evening for inner child
⭐ Safe bubble for cuddle
⭐And much more…

More details regarding program and organization will be announced later

The Core Circle

Ram Alsaman
Ram is an intuitive coach. Since 2016 he has been holding space for workshops, spiritual events, and retreats that have changed the lives of many people. After studying Business Information Technology and working for the United Nations in Switzerland, he decided to follow the path of the heart and share what he learned in the past 10 years in Ananda Marga as participant and a yoga and meditation instructor, as well as the teachings of Teal Swan on emotional healing and shadow work. Ram, is also the founder of “Vegan Life” the first and biggest Vegan project in the Arabic language and he has helped thousands of people to transform into a healthy and animal-friendly lifestyle.

Miia Kuronen
Miia is a passionate raw food ambassador. After suffering from skin problems all her life, she stumbled upon the raw vegan lifestyle and has ever since been diving deeper into the topic and sharing her knowledge with others. She has also been learning about nutrition and detoxification for many years and is now combining raw food detoxification and emotional healing work into a unique healing modality.

Anelia Mitova
Anelia has an educational background in Nutrition and Health, Exercise Instruction, Smoking Cessation, the Completion Process, Metaphysical Anatomy Technique, Reiki Healing and other techniques to assist you in becoming aligned with your authentic self!

You can join us too 🙂
If you feel this event is calling you and you would like to contribute to it you can join us in the contribution circle and share your unique gifts

The Venue & Location

The venue is at an amazingly beautiful location on the edge of Berlin (the same location of the first Teal Tribe Completion process gathering). It is surrounded by nature, beautiful forests, and a lake. It has an extensive 8.000 m2 of land, a huge playground, and much more to honor our inner children..


Rallenweg 4, 13505 Berlin
Free parking places are available

By public transportation use google maps.
Access by public transportation:

• One hour from Tegel Airport (A,B transportation ticket)
• One hour and 20 mins from Schoenefeld Airport (A,B,C transportation ticket)
• One hour and 10 mins from Berlin bus station (A,B transportation ticket)

Photos from last year

Cost & Registration

Total Cost: 294 – 464 €

Vegan food and accommodation for 5 days:
95 € For tent (bring your own)
165 € For shared room
(to be paid cash upon arrival at the event.)


We offer the ticket for two different prices in order to make it possible for everyone to join regardless of their economic situation.

199 € Low Income Ticket

299 € Regular Ticket

** Online payment fee is about 3 %. You can avoid it by using a bank transfer.

We have a strong wish that everyone who feels called to join can afford it, so if you can’t afford to pay these ticket prices, please do contact us. We offer volunteer options.


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We will release more tickets in case we have a cancellation so in case you see it sold out please reach out to inquire about available spaces.

you can also use Bank transfer to avoid the online payment fee:

Alsamman, Rami
DE67 1005 0000 1065 0592 36


Nina Duschek testimonial for Ram Alsamman New Earth Integration
Nina Duschek

I went to the Sacred Circle Retreat and I must say that it was absolutely life-changing for me. For the first time in my life, I could experience what it means to be really accepted, loved and seen for who I am, by receiving unconditional presence. I learned how to express my needs and boundaries more clearly.
I could heal so much… and I would always do it again!

Tobias Rädisch testimonial for Ram Alsamman New Earth Integration
Tobias Rädisch
psychology student

The Sacred Circle Retreat with Ram was just great. Apart from having an overall beautiful time of healing and connection, I had the chance of having a Completion Process Session with Ram personally. And this session left a remarkable change in me, that I can still feel today.

Peter Zell testimonial for Ram Alsamman New Earth Integration
Peter Zell
Drummer/ musician

I guess I can agree with what all the other recommendations on this page wrote, the experience in the Sacred Circle Event was absolutely amazing. Ram, Miia and Anelia managed to create a safe place for vulnerability, deep connection, healing and growth, all with the Idea of pure authenticity and acceptance, which is just a perfect mixture. I’m really grateful for everything that happened there and I definitely will be a part of upcoming events too!

Friederike Peters testimonial for Ram Alsamman New Earth Integration
Friederike Peters
Completion Process Practitioner

[Deutsch unten] I have been blessed to not only attend but collaborate with Ram for three of his events so far. All of the events created powerful transformation , and connection among people. Ram pours his heart into everything he does, which is something you really feel when you work with him. I value and appreciate him as a friend and colleague.
Ich bin dankbar dafür, dass ich bisher drei seiner Events nicht nur als Teilnehmer, sondern auch als Coach besuchen durfte. All seine Events brachten nicht nur Transformationen, sondern auch Herzensverbindungen für die TeilnehmerInnen. Ram macht Alles aus ganzem Herzen: Etwas, das du wirklich fühlst wenn du mit ihm arbeitest. Ich schätze ihn sehr nicht nur als Freund, sondern auch als Kollegen.

Marie Lisa,s testimonial for Ram Alsamman New Earth Integration
Marie Lisa
Completion process practitioner

I had the pleasure to help at the Sacred circle, and I was amazed to see how natural it is for them to bring people together and to create a connection between them.
I believe that they create life-changing retreats and gatherings, which bring so much awareness into one’s life.
For people looking for answers, growth, and transformation, I definitely recommend these events.

Polina Ponomarenko testimonial for Ram Alsamman New Earth Integration
Polina Ponomarenko
Yoga Teacher

Thank you so much for the beautiful experience at the Sacred Circle🧡
I had a great time and met so many amazing beings including and especially you, Ram and Miia. I was deeply touched by the energy you created, I could feel it blossoming so quickly and seemingly effortlessly. You held space for my own internal healing and for me to unfold myself in connection with others at the same time, which is incredible.

Claudia Grimm's testimonial for Ram Alsamman New Earth Integration
Claudia Grimm
Alexander technique therapist

I visited already a few retreats organized by Ram. He has the ability to bring people together and create a safe space for real and authentic connection, where also people with social anxiety can feel safe enough to open up and feeling seen and heard.

Additional Information

This retreat is organized independently By Ram Alsaman with organizers team** and is NOT in affiliation with Teal Swan’s organization “Teal’s Eye” Or teal tribe (or any other spiritual groups or teachers).